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MapYourVoice is made possible by the dedicated efforts of volunteers around the globe. As we rollout this platform, we anticipate that you may encounter errors. We apologize for this inconvenience. You can be part of the important solution MapYourVoice provides by contacting us with a detailed description of any errors you encounter. Thank you for your patience, the MapYourVoice team

By setting up a free account with MapYourVoice, you will be able to:

  • Anonymously report the sexual assault(s) or abuse you’ve experienced by completing a (or multiple) therapeutically-developed assault report
  • Have your pinpoint appear on the map (within a randomized, anonymous location)
  • Select privacy settings that feel right for you for your mapped report pinpoint
  • Access self care tips
  • Access support services within your local area (where available)
  • Access hotlines and other regionally and nationally-based services
  • Access to tips that will help you stay safe on your device and on the web while using MapYourvoice

If you create a MapYourVoice account, MapYourVoice NEVER asks for your personally data (real name, address, phone number, birthdate, etc.) so it will never be compromised on our site. As a member, your email address is stored with your account in order for the MapYourVoice site administrators and site software to communicate with you. This address is recorded in our secure member account database and is available to this site's administrative staff. As a nonprofit serving sexual violence survivors, we are committed to keeping your data confidential and secure. Your email address is not made public and is never sold or used for marketing purposes.

Please check your email after creating a MapYourVoice account.  You can use the link sent to your email to verify your account, login for the first time, and edit your profile.