It feels great knowing we're working to improve the lives of so many people around the world.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

-Margaret Mead


As a MapYourVoice volunteer, you are an essential part of our team.


Spearheading a global initiative to end sexual violence is no small endeavor. MapYourVoice was designed using the latest digital technologies to catalyze a powerful global ripple effect. When you join our effort, you become part of that positive force sweeping across the globe. With your work, you gain the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to make a difference. AND, you are part of an awesome global team.



Social Media Promoter

Creating posts for the MapYourVoice official accounts and promoting MapYourVoice across social media networks.





MapYourVoice is still under development and we need programmers to help with improving systems and expanding out the platform.




Guerilla Marketer

Get out into your local community (on campuses, among co-workers, etc.) to spread the word about MapYourVoice.




Writer for the Web

Write blog posts, articles, educational pieces, etc. for publication on the web on behalf of MapYourVoice.





Create images for our advocacy campaigns, social media posts, our website and more.





Research regional and global sexual violence data and useful information to support survivors.




Service Network Expander

Help expand the network of service providers we can make available to survivors around the world.





Host parties, events or campaigns to raise funds to support MapYourVoice or to Sponsor a Community.





Develop and edit unique video content for social media, YouTube, and the MapYourVoice website.




You can help from anywhere in the world.


Volunteering for MapYourVoice where you live is the best way you can support this global initiative to help survivors and to end sexual violence worldwide. And because we are a web-based platform, it's easy to get involved...wherever you are.

Join together with your friends and volunteer for MapYourVoice as a team!



Raise your voice to help survivors worldwide reclaim theirs.