More than 18% of the world's population are victims of direct physical sexual violence.

Less than 13% ever tell anyone or get help. That’s 1.14 billion people suffering in silence.

MapYourVoice is here to change that.



There are many barriers to speaking up.

MapYourVoice is a free, anonymous nonprofit service for sexual violence survivors worldwide. Our mission is to give every survivor a safe, therapeutic place to reclaim their voices and get support.

Learn how MapYourVoice works to meet the 3 essential needs for recovery from sexual trauma.


The world needs your voice.

Despite what sexual violence may have taught you to believe about yourself, you are significant and your feelings, health, safety, and quality of life do matter.

What you can expect with your free, anonymous MapYourVoice member account:


Your private account includes:

• A therapeutically-designed assault reporting process for telling your story

• A locally-randomized pinpoint on the map (for anonymity)

• Pinpoint privacy options for your assault report

• Helpful tips for self care

• Support services in your local area

• Hotlines and crisis support services

Easy access via web or smart device

Because we know how challenging it can be to speak out publicly about sexual trauma, we designed MapYourVoice to make telling safer and easier. By using the distance and anonymity of reporting via computer or smart device, survivors anywhere in the world can share their stories and are witnessed and supported.

We also offer important tips for staying safe and secure while using MapYourVoice on the web and on your device.

You contribute to a solution

By anonymously reporting your assault, you contribute as our co-researcher to help end sexual violence. The anonymous data collected from all of the assault reports is combined to take this epidemic out of the shadows and better illustrate the problem of sexual violence more accurately.

This allows MapYourVoice to partners with law enforcement, policy makers, public health officials, educators and more to solve this global epidemic.



The Map

Witness the bravery of survivors around the world who have shared their stories. By taking this courageous step, they are reclaiming their voices and their lives from sexual violence. And they are helping other survivors have the courage to do so as well.



Get involved to help turn the tide on sexual violence worldwide



100% of what you give brings tangible support, new hope, and opportunities to claim a better life to sexual violence survivors around the world.

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Play a pivotal leadership roll in solving one of the most significant issues of our time by partnering your brand or organization with MapYourVoice.

Be a Public Ambassador

Raise your voice with MapYourVoice and other public figures in support of our nonpartisan global initiative to help survivors and end sexual violence.


Sponsor a Community

Target your support to catalyze a major local impact by enlisting our field response team to develop a community-specific strategy to end sexual violence.

Join our global team

Volunteer or intern with our global team whose work and dedication have made possible this innovative project to support survivors and end sexual violence.

Join our Action Network

Stay informed, spread the word, take action. Join our global action network to help combat realities that keep survivors silent and allow sexual violence to persist.



MapYourVoice is the missing link.

We need to bridge the gap between the more than 87% of sexual violence survivors who stay silent and the support and protection needed to reclaim life from trauma. MapYourVoice is here to fill that gap and to have a powerful, timely impact on the lives of survivors worldwide.



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