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Global Change Project develops strategic approaches to ending sexual violence worldwide.

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Our beginnings...


Global Change Project was founded by Jeni Ambrose, a trauma therapist who specializes in helping sexual violence survivors to recover. Over the course of her work with survivors, Ambrose noticed an unmistakable theme - a large majority never speak up and suffer greatly from holding the trauma inside. With a background in advocacy and a passion to make a bigger impact, in 2013 Ambrose founded Global Change Project and began laying the groundwork for MapYourVoice, the organization’s first strategic initiative.

Our team

Volunteers from around the globe have contributed their time and expertise to make the unparalleled solution MapYourVoice offers a possibility. We owe a special thank you to our dedicated grassroots team of programmers, designers, videographers, attorneys, business strategists, subject matter experts, survivors, and more.

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We understand that a key factor in turning the tide on sexual violence is for people in positions of power and influence to publicly raise their voices with MapYourVoice against sexual violence and in support of survivors.

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Join us to create the global change that stops sexual violence.