Global Change Project



Mission Statement

Global Change Project is an innovative 501c3 nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to implementing high-impact campaigns that catalyze positive change on multiple fronts to turn the tide on the global epidemic of sexual violence.


As a strategically focused organization...


Global Change Project pursues pin-pointed, eloquently-designed project solutions that have a compounding influence -- just as a stone dropped into a pond triggers a ripple effect in all directions.

Our timely and trackable campaigns, programs, and philanthropic products are based in strategic partnerships and local/international coalition building.

We harness the power of cutting-edge multi-media communication, design, and technology, along with the viral potential of global social media networks, to confront the pandemic crisis of sexual violence in formidable ways.

Key Objectives


Developing Networks

  • Strengthening existing networks and catalyzing and incubating new sexual abuse and assault prevention, support, and recovery networks in communities and for populations where need exists worldwide.

  • Helping at-risk and victimized populations across the globe to find and access local, culturally-appropriate prevention, support, and recovery services and resources.

  • Creating an international “best practices” forum which can serve as an open-source centralized professional development hub for professionals around the world working in the fields of sexual abuse and assault prevention, support, and recovery.


Building Capacity

  • Raising the global public awareness and comprehension of the worldwide epidemic of sexual violence and the ubiquitous issues surrounding this problem.

  • Empowering victims of sexual violence with educational information and resources.

  • Providing victims of sexual violence a chance to share their personal stories and have their stories count for change.


Spearheading Leading-Edge Research

  • Garnering data from effected populations, service organizations, and local municipalities around the globe to cultivate new understanding.

  • Make publicly visible what has previously been undocumented and unseen. 

  • Encourage further multi-disciplinary research to better serve at-risk and effected populations.

  • Provide valuable information to public health officials, law enforcement, advocates and more.


Influencing Culture and Policy

  • Bringing communities together, united behind the common cause of exposing, confronting and stemming the tide of sexual violence embedded within every community within every culture.

  • Empowering local, regional and global policymakers with accurate information and data so they understand the realities of sexual violence within their regions.

  • Pursuing positive legislative action through highly-impactful grassroots campaigns and direct legislative advocacy with public service officials, nonprofit partner advocates, and policymakers.


Raise your voice to help survivors worldwide reclaim theirs.