Our Mission

We are on a mission to end sexual violence worldwide







Scope of the problem

Based upon available data, we estimate that more than 1.14 billion people worldwide are silent about being sexually violated. To put this into perspective, this accounts for roughly 18% of the world's population.

This estimate DOES NOT include the scores of people tragically assaulted in war zones (war rape), forced into prostitution, or being sex trafficked.

We can and must do better than this.



We are committed to solving this global epidemic


In 2013, the World Health Organization conducted a study which concluded that sexual violence is “a global health problem of epidemic proportion.”

This study documented how challenging it was to reach and encourage sexual violence survivors to speak up. Because unlike other epidemics, most survivors don’t feel safe speaking up about sexual violence.

While many places around the world still lack the most basic services for survivors, there are quite a number of excellent “street-level” support organizations throughout the world dedicated to providing direct support to survivors.

Even so, with less than 13% speaking up, the vast majority are not reaching the help these organizations provide. MapYourVoice is designed to bridge the gap between survivors who are silent and the support they need for protection and recovery.


The MapYourVoice Solutions


Meeting Essential Needs

For sexual trauma recovery, there are 3 commonly-recognized essential needs: safely telling what happened, getting appropriate help, and connecting with others who care and understand. MapYourVoice is designed to meet all 3 of these essential needs.



Creating Problem-Solving Data

Through our anonymous assault reports, MapYourVoice will access data nearly impossible to attain. As this valuable data emerges, we will work with law enforcement, policymakers, public health, etc. to create locally-relevant solutions to help end sexual violence.



Our strategic approach


With the vast majority of survivors silent and unsupported, we need a better strategy for successfully reaching them. MapYourVoice is designed to capitalize upon the latest digital technologies to break through barriers to help.



Worldwide access to smart phones and other web-connect devices


Social Networks

Viral potential of social media networks for grassroots social amplification


Interactive Data

Geo-data mapping technology for meaningful views, access, and information



Our ultimate goal is to bring an end to the global epidemic of sexual violence. Join us to help make this vision a reality.