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We partner with global change makers

By partnering with MapYourVoice, our brand partners put themselves “on the map” as forward-thinking global leaders.

Join us in supporting an unparalleled strategic project geared toward ending the most costly and far-reaching global epidemic of our time…sexual violence.


There has never been a solution like MapYourVoice in the battle against sexual violence.


MapYourVoice capitalizes upon the most current connectivity technologies to reach and support sexual violence survivors around the world:

  • global accessibility via smart phones and devices
  • viral propulsion through social media networks
  • web-based geographic data mapping


We form solution-oriented partnerships


A strategic relationship with MapYourVoice aligns your brand with a cutting-edge nonprofit solution to a significant, timely, and highly-visible social issue.



Cause Marketing

Sponsor and sign onto our targeted, highly-visible public and media campaign.


Matching Gifts

Team up with your employees to leverage support for MapYourVoice.


Non-cash Gifts

Tap into your in-house expertise and product line to advance the MapYourVoice mission.


Workplace Giving

Add MapYourVoice to the list of nonprofits your employees can donate to directly on a one-time and recurring basis.


Customer Giving

Distinguish your brand as an excellent corporate citizen by sponsoring customer purchase round-ups, co-branded merchandize, etc.



Harness your team building efforts to participate in fundraising campaigns/events and to serve on advisory boards and project committees.



Direct Financial Support

Corporate gifts, percentage of sales and other forms of direct monetary contribution help make MapYourVoice possible. Your direct financial support helps to staff our team, support field operations, and expand our global reach.


Build good will and make a difference.



MapYourVoice brand partners demonstrate their commitment as forward-thinking, global leaders on one of the most significant issue of our time.

We are looking to partner with leaders who are serious about taking a public stand against sexual violence and making a real impact on the lives of sexual violence survivors worldwide.

Join us.


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Raise your voice to help survivors worldwide reclaim theirs.